Revolutionizing Small Business Web Design in Toronto

Bridging the gap between vision and reality, Digitally Marketed™ is redefining the realm of small business website design. We incorporate the vibrancy of Toronto’s small business sector in our distinctive approach to web design.

“You have 0 – 8 seconds to make a compelling headline on a landing page. After 8 seconds, the majority of visitors leave if not engaged” – Digitally Marketed™


Crafting Compelling Headlines

In Toronto’s fast-paced digital marketing scene, capturing attention quickly is key. Our expertise in crafting engaging headlines ensures your visitors stay captivated.


Bridging Businesses and Audiences

We’re not just web designers, but also SEO-educated professionals, equipped to create intuitive sites that align with Google’s algorithms. Whether you’re exploring new business ideas or managing an established Toronto small business, we’re here to facilitate your digital growth.


Embracing the Future

With the meteoric rise of mobile internet usage, our focus remains on robust mobile web design. Be it a nascent business idea or an existing venture planning to go digital, we’ve got you covered.


Elevating User Experience

Design credibility is vital in the digital world. Our professional designs cater to a diverse clientele, including top marketing agencies, prioritizing ease of use for every site visitor.


Simplifying Web Presence

We see hosting and security as integral parts of a complete web experience. Our one-stop solution streamlines your web presence, making it easier for businesses to start from home.


Harnessing the Power of Digital Media

Experience the influence of content marketing with Digitally Marketed™. As traditional marketing practices become less effective due to the pervasive digital media effects, we’re here to help you leverage this shift.

“In today’s information age of marketing and Web 2.0, a company's website is the key to their entire business.” Digitally Marketed™

Having professional PPC services takes the guess work out of a very broad subject.

Businesses Web Design: Empowering Your Business

Step into the future of real estate web design. Our methods, backed by the Genesis Framework and supported by WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg, focus on improved user experience and SEO, catering to the needs of top social media marketing companies.

In the era of mobile dominance, ensuring your site is mobile-ready is no longer optional. As one of the best content marketing agencies, we’re committed to keeping your business at the forefront of this transition.
On-Page SEO Optimization Visualized

Having professional PPC services takes the guess work out of a very broad subject

Embrace the Mobile Revolution

Sites will see decreased rankings if not Mobile Ready

Modern and clean representation of Google's local approach in Toronto with a map, highlighting the 18% sales conversion from local searches.
Remember, by year’s end, billions of phone calls will be generated from mobile searches alone. As mobile searches increase annually, we’re here to make sure your business rides this wave of change, fully prepared and ready to thrive.

Get On Board Or Get Left Behind..Really

VERY FEW businesses have more than a website, even less have an SEO optimized site using lead capturing techniques and again less are in the know about where a large portion of ‘business leads’ are going and to a large degree, have already gone. It’s important to have the most comprehensive web design in Toronto.

What Clients Say About Digitally Marketed™

“Experiencing a surge from 12 to an impressive 72 leads monthly, we now hold top spots on the first page with over 120 keywords, all thanks to Digitally Marketed™

Review by Bruce Sanders for Digitally Marketed™

Bruce Sanders

Detoxification Work ®

“Since engaging Digitally Marketed™, we’ve taken over the first page, leaving our competitors behind. We’ve seen a staggering 216% revenue increase – a testament to the power of digital marketing.”

Review by Sandra Butts for Digitally Marketed™

Sandra Butts

Food Jinn

“Majdi’s Toronto team at Digitally Marketed ™ expertly boosted our online presence; highly recommended for digital success.”

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As a company our philosophy is directed by ‘BIG DATA.’ We research, design and develope and let the numbers roll in. Once in, we adjust and test all aspects of your campaign to increase it’s efficiency… Rewind and repeat, the numbers tell us where to go.



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