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Google’s local approach empowers your Toronto small business by providing the right information at the right time. Be it driving directions in Google Maps, hours of operation, or a clickable phone number on mobile phones, we have you covered. Did you know 18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale within a day?

Give your customers the right information at the right time, whether that is driving directions to your business in Google Maps, hours of operations in Search or your phone number they can click to call you on mobile phones. 18% Of Local Mobile Searches Lead To A Sale Within One Day!!

Local Search Mastery: Boosting Toronto Business Sales with Google

68% of consumers on smartphones used the “get directions” or call button on a smartphone local listing”

Having professional PPC services takes the guess work out of a very broad subject

Modern and clean representation of Google's local approach in Toronto with a map, highlighting the 18% sales conversion from local searches.

Leverage the Power of Google Local

Our top marketing agencies make sure you’re not just on the internet but also in the local hearts. Google Places, Maps, and My Business are integral parts of our Toronto digital marketing strategy. It’s no surprise that 88% of local consumers start their buying journey from a search engine.

  • Mobile leads to local: 50% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results
  • Local searches lead to purchases: 61% of local searches result in a purchase

“61% of mobile searches are local and result in a phone call”

Reviews and Social Proof

One of the best business ideas today is leveraging reviews. When your business shows up in Google’s local search, it comes with a set of customer reviews, a significant trend in today’s business world. Our strategy among the top social media marketing companies includes boosting your visibility on the top 10 review sites, which experienced a traffic growth of 158% last year.

  • Traffic to the top 10 review sites grew on average 158% last year (Compete.com)
  • 92% have more confidence in info found online than they do in anything from a salesclerk or other source (Wall Street Journal, Jan 2009)
  • 70% consult reviews or ratings before purchasing (BusinessWeek)
  • 51% of consumers use the Internet, even before making a purchase in a shop (Verdict Research)
  • 45% say they are influenced a fair amount or a great deal by reviews on social sites from people they follow (Harris Poll)
Contemporary digital marketing image featuring customer review stars and social media symbols in black, white, and orange, emphasizing the power of social proof.

Get On Board Or Get Left Behind..Really

VERY FEW businesses have more than a website, even less have an SEO optimized site using lead capturing techniques and again less are in the know about where a large portion of ‘business leads’ are going and to a large degree, have already gone.

What Clients Say About Digitally Marketed™

“Experiencing a surge from 12 to an impressive 72 leads monthly, we now hold top spots on the first page with over 120 keywords, all thanks to Digitally Marketed™

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Bruce Sanders

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“Since engaging Digitally Marketed™, we’ve taken over the first page, leaving our competitors behind. We’ve seen a staggering 216% revenue increase – a testament to the power of digital marketing.”

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Sandra Butts

Food Jinn

“Majdi’s Toronto team at Digitally Marketed ™ expertly boosted our online presence; highly recommended for digital success.”

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