Detoxification Works ® Case Study


Detoxification Works ® was founded in Toronto after a personal health crisis revealed the impact of toxins on the body. The company offers premium non-GMO supplements and foods, emphasizing the importance of detoxification and purity. Committed to safety, education, and community, they donate 10% of sales to charities and prioritize organic, globally recognized products.


  • Brand Visibility and Awareness: Detoxification Works® is entering a market where digital real estate is dominated by established brands. The challenge lies in crafting a compelling brand narrative and leveraging multi-channel marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and recall among the target audience.
  • Competitive Differentiation in a Digital Landscape: In a saturated online marketplace, the brand needs to stand out. The challenge is to identify and communicate a unique digital value proposition, optimize for search engine visibility, and employ targeted advertising strategies to reach potential customers effectively. This also involves continuously analyzing competitor strategies and adapting to the ever-evolving digital trends.
  • Digital Engagement and Content Strategy: The brand’s digital footprint, particularly on social media, is crucial for customer engagement. The challenge is to develop a content strategy that resonates with the audience, encourages interaction, and fosters community-building. This includes leveraging user-generated content, influencer partnerships, and ensuring a consistent brand voice across platforms.


  • Ambitious Goals Set: Achieved a 434% growth in Detoxification Works ® total sales.
  • Boosted Online Presence: Monthly website sessions surged by 138%, resulting in over 61,000 visits.
  • Fostered Brand Loyalty:  Saw a 121% increase in the returning customer rate.
  • Social Media Amplification:  Grew Detoxification Works ® Instagram community to 10,000 followers and boosted Pinterest engagement with 21,000 organic visits monthly.
  • Strategic Approach:  Employed a meticulously crafted, data-driven strategy tailored to Detoxification Works ® vision and goals.
  • Email & Affiliate Marketing:  Leveraged our expertise in these areas, combined with strong communication skills, to drive more sales for Detoxification Works ®.
  • Website Optimization:  Enhanced the speed and uniqueness of the Detoxification Works ® website, recognizing the importance of site performance in sales conversion.
  • Enhanced Transaction Value: Elevated the Average Order Value by 13%.
  • Our Ethos at Digitally Marketed ™:  Our success reflects our clients’ achievements, with Detoxification Works® being a prime example. Ready to collaborate for your success story?


At Digitally Marketed™, we undertook a transformative collaboration with Detoxification Works®. The result was a 434% surge in their sales. Their online visibility soared with a 138% increase in monthly sessions, translating to over 61,000 visits. We enhanced the Average Order Value by 13% and significantly boosted brand loyalty, evidenced by a 121% rise in returning customers. Social media engagement flourished, especially on platforms like Instagram, which grew to 10,000 followers, and Pinterest, which witnessed 21,000 organic visits monthly. Our data-driven strategies, combined with our expertise in email and affiliate marketing, further propelled their sales. Additionally, we optimized the Detoxification Works® website for speed and uniqueness, understanding its crucial role in sales conversion. At Digitally Marketed™, Detoxification Works®’s success epitomizes our commitment and proficiency.


As a company our philosophy is directed by ‘BIG DATA.’ We research, design and develope and let the numbers roll in. Once in, we adjust and test all aspects of your campaign to increase it’s efficiency… Rewind and repeat, the numbers tell us where to go.



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