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In today’s digital world, the success of your Toronto-based small business hinges on more than just traditional marketing techniques. At Digitally Marketed™, we understand that each aspect of your online presence, from search engine optimization to website design, plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. But we go beyond the basics.

Our approach integrates the latest in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies with innovative business ideas, ensuring that every visitor to your website is more likely to convert into a customer. We delve into the nuances of your target market, leveraging data-driven insights to fine-tune every element of your website for maximum engagement and conversion.

Moreover, our team continuously explores emerging trends and adapts strategies to keep your business ahead in the competitive Toronto market. We don’t just aim to increase traffic; we focus on attracting the right audience – those most likely to engage with your brand and purchase your products or services.

Partnering with Digitally Marketed™ means embarking on a journey to elevate your online presence. We’re committed to transforming your website into a dynamic, conversion-focused platform that resonates with your audience and drives your business growth.”

Toronto Digital Marketing Excellence - Elevating Small Business Conversions.

Internet marketing moves at the speed of light. To keep up, you need a strong foundation with the judgment to think critically, act independently, and be relentlessly creative.

Having professional PPC services takes the guess work out of a very broad subject

CRO: The Good Business to Start

The Digitally Marketed™ System includes all methods of the Marketing services we provide

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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization isn’t merely an add-on; it’s a crucial component of digital marketing. It’s a process tailored to create an engaging user experience that turns visitors into customers. With an average conversion rate across industries being a mere 2.35%, a good business to start aims to achieve an excellent conversion rate of 11.45%, as seen by the top 10% of companies​​.

Reinventing the Journey

From the moment a visitor lands on your website, our mission is to optimize their journey. We leverage digital media effects to boost traffic from search engines and other sources, then apply A/B testing and other proven strategies to convert the highest possible number of those people into customers.

so you get back to work and stop reading about marketing

A Rounded Approach

Pay Per Click

In front of your ideal client and only pay if they click.

Search Engine Optimize

The ultimate for increasing your website’s traffic

Blog and Article Writing

Be an authority in your field, that’s how you rank!

Social Media Marketing

Keep yourself in front of and engaged with your clients.

Internet Marketing

Don’t have all your eggs in the search engine basket.

Google Local Ranking

Local searches have the largest rate of conversion.

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The Digitally Marketed™ Approach

Our approach involves several key elements. Firstly, we strategically place calls-to-action throughout your site, ensuring they’re effective both in wording and color scheme. We also incorporate social proof and other influential elements to enhance trust and engagement. Additionally, we employ top marketing strategies to maximize your conversion rate without increasing your advertising budget.

Data-Driven Success

We believe in letting the data speak for itself. We collect, analyze, and make adjustments based on concrete data, not just opinions. As one of the top social media marketing companies and best content marketing agencies, we’ve accrued a wealth of data across various industries that guides our strategies and actions.

With Digitally Marketed™, expect your TORONTO small business to reach new heights in the digital landscape. Let’s work together to turn your website into a conversion magnet. Start your CRO journey with us today.

Having professional PPC services takes the guess work out of a very broad subject

Our Clients Are Currently Enjoying


Organic Traffic Increase


Bounce Rate Decrease


Visit Duration Increased


Pages per Session Increase

Get On Board Or Get Left Behind..Really

VERY FEW businesses have more than a website, even less have an SEO optimized site using lead capturing techniques and again less are in the know about where a large portion of ‘business leads’ are going and to a large degree, have already gone.

What Clients Say About Digitally Marketed™

“Experiencing a surge from 12 to an impressive 72 leads monthly, we now hold top spots on the first page with over 120 keywords, all thanks to Digitally Marketed™

Review by Bruce Sanders for Digitally Marketed™

Bruce Sanders

Detoxification Works ®

“Since engaging Digitally Marketed™, we’ve taken over the first page, leaving our competitors behind. We’ve seen a staggering 216% revenue increase – a testament to the power of digital marketing.”

Review by Sandra Butts for Digitally Marketed™

Sandra Butts

Food Jinn

“Majdi’s Toronto team at Digitally Marketed ™ expertly boosted our online presence; highly recommended for digital success.”

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As a company our philosophy is directed by ‘BIG DATA.’ We research, design and develope and let the numbers roll in. Once in, we adjust and test all aspects of your campaign to increase it’s efficiency… Rewind and repeat, the numbers tell us where to go.



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