ROYAL LEPAGE Within the global real estate industry is a beacon of trust, expertise, and unparalleled service. Their impressive legacy, cultivated over many years, has transformed the property market landscape, elevating Royal Lepage to a realm of prominence and respect. Clients from all corners of the world have repeatedly turned to them for guidance, assured by their commitment to excellence.
In the bustling heart of Toronto, one individual stands out, representing the esteemed values of Royal Lepage with flair and dedication—our client. As an astute Royal Lepage agent, she brings a blend of the company’s vast expertise and her personal insights, providing a holistic approach to property solutions. Her knack for understanding the intricate facets of Toronto’s real estate market has paved the way for numerous successful property alignments, a testament to her prowess.

However, with the digital world presenting a galaxy of opportunities, our client recognized the need to bolster her online presence, especially to reach businesses looking for prime real estate solutions in Toronto.


Even with a sterling reputation anchored by the Royal Lepage brand, there was an evident gap. Potential business clients, despite being in dire need of her expertise, were possibly overlooking her services. The digital sphere, filled with competitors vying for attention, further accentuated this need for a more robust online strategy.
  • Strategic Partnership with Digitally Marketed™: To bridge this digital divide, our client collaborated with Digitally Marketed™, a pioneer in delivering avant-garde digital solutions.
  • Website Traffic Enhancement: A comprehensive strategy was put in place to drive quality traffic to her website. Through refined SEO techniques and targeted paid campaigns, the focus was to highlight her listings and insights, capturing the attention of businesses seeking prime real estate in Toronto.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns: Customized email campaigns, tailored to the specific needs of businesses, were rolled out. Through engaging newsletters, property alerts, and market trend analyses, our client aimed to nurture her leads and foster deeper connections.
  • Content Strategy Design:A dedicated section on her website was initiated, offering a deep dive into Toronto’s corporate real estate trends, providing businesses with actionable insights and exclusive listings.
  • B2B Digital Engagement:Specially curated content and campaigns targeting businesses were launched across various digital platforms, ensuring she resonated as the go-to Royal Lepage agent for B2B real estate solutions in Toronto.


Under the expertise of Digitally Marketed™, our client is all set for a digital metamorphosis. The early indicators point towards a surge in website traffic, an uptick in business inquiries, and a more engaged email subscriber base. With these strategies set in motion, she’s not only solidifying her status as a trusted Royal Lepage agent in Toronto’s offline world but is also shaping up to be a digital force to reckon with in the B2B real estate sector.


As a company our philosophy is directed by ‘BIG DATA.’ We research, design and develope and let the numbers roll in. Once in, we adjust and test all aspects of your campaign to increase it’s efficiency… Rewind and repeat, the numbers tell us where to go.



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